Pure Elements Wellness Day

Join Mairi Isobel for a wellness day in Ouray, Colorado.

A day of movement, meditation and adventure.

The day will include a morning yoga practice, a waterfall adventure and a meditation session.

Pure Elements Wellness Day

A day to nurture and challenge your mind and body.

A waterfall adventure with Canyoning Colorado

Rising early to spend a day in the mountains, surrounded by the purest elements: air, water and earth.  A day of balance and contrast, incorporating elements of both yin and yang to compliment one another. You will embrace stillness and movement, water and fire, light and dark. A day of exploration!

We all have more yin or yang tendencies; some of us need to allocate more time to slow down, while others need to introduce more active and invigorating elements to daily life. Whether you are comfortable in the pursuit of adventure, at home with your daily yoga practice or find yourself choosing more restorative activities, the Pure Elements retreat offers a day to find balance.

If you have found yourself soul searching for the next quick fix, be it better mind, body or diet, there is no one element that will pave the way to a better life; balance is key to living your fullest. It is only when you take time to connect with yourself that you learn what you need to let in, and you begin to know when it’s time to let go. Embrace the challenge of pushing your extroverted or introverted self and discover strength from within. Take away from the mountains a truer connection to yourself, with time spent surrounded by the freshest air, cool flowing water and peaks of earth towering above you.

Mairi Isobel YogaMairi Isobel created the Wellness Day by combining elements from her yoga teacher trainings, travels, and life at elevation. Mairi believes no one mold fits all; her practice and teaching style evolved with her journey. She wholeheartedly embodies yoga as a lifestyle, which led her to embrace change and seek balance when moving between hemispheres, destinations, cultures, and languages. This lifestyle she embraces is free-spirited yet focused. Her passion is to teach others to incorporate yoga and a dash of adventure into daily life.

Mairi Isobel has spent a number of years living in mountain towns, but it wasn’t until she moved to Colorado that she’d find a home at the highest elevation. Mairi owns and operates Canyoning Colorado with her husband Andrew. You won’t find her guiding trips, she leaves the Professional Canyoning Instruction to her husband. The company is in its second year of operation after Andrew &  Mairi developed eight years of experience in the industry.

Schedule to be finalized!
This gives you an idea of what to expect.

6.15am : Arrive at your Yoga Mat

6.30am : Rise & Shine Yoga Flow

8.00am : Breakfast

9.00am : Canyoning

12pm : Lunch

1pm : Take a break in Ouray

3pm: Yin Yoga finished with Meditation

4pm: End of Day

Future dates to be announced!
To inquire or be added to the wait list please contact yoga@mairiisobel.com



What’s included in the Wellness Day?

  • Guided Yoga and Meditation
  • *Canyoning Trip with local experts
  • Two vegetarian meals prepared locally
  • Photos from your canyoning trip and a group yoga picture
  • Equipment: yoga mat and props, as well as canyoning gear
  • Transport to and from the canyon

Packing tips:

  • Comfortable clothing for yoga, both the yoga and meditation session will be indoors.
  • Swimwear
  • Ladies, please bring athletic shorts. You will wear them over your bathing suit for the hike up to the canyon
  • Please note, when you go canyoning the shoes, neoprene socks, wetsuit, helmet and harness will be worn over your swimwear. You will hike up to the canyon in the socks and shoes provided.
  • Towel for after you’ve been canyoning, you can use it at the hot pool too!
  • Layers for ever-changing mountain weather. An outdoor jacket and walking shoes are handy to have available.


Notes for the schedule and wellness day:

  • Meals will be vegetarian. We request that you share any food allergies, along with medical conditions and/or medication you are taking so we can plan accordingly.
  •  *Please note, canyoning is a weather dependent activity. If the trip were to cancel we can incorporate an optional waterfall hike in place of canyoning.


Booking Conditions & Cancellation Policy:

  • Limited spots with 8 people max
  • Minimum age: 18 years old
  • The Wellness Day confirms with 4 people, if minimum numbers are not met you will receive a full refund
  • Cancellation policy: 2 weeks prior to the Wellness Day receives a full refund, no refund available within 14-days prior to start date.


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New to yoga, never been canyoning?

To attend the Wellness Day all you need is a reasonable level of fitness and an open mind for a day of adventure and exploration! Beginners are welcome. The equipment is provided for each activity, as well as Internationally Certified Instructors.

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